Elektra Lighting is an award-winning lighting design consultancy established in March 2000. Currently working across 4 continents, we create stunning lighting solutions for all sectors, but with focus on hospitality and retail.

Lighting can be about so much more than simply allowing you to see. It can shape and define spaces, draw attention (or distract), create atmosphere, and turn an empty shell into a beautiful space. At Elektra we use lighting to generate emotional connections between people and spaces, creating authentic lighting solutions that will ensure the success of your project.

We are independent of all manufacturers and this allows us to design lighting solutions in the best interest of the project. We use our expertise and long years of experience to ensure the ideas are flawlessly translated onto site and all our projects look great from day one.

At Elektra we believe that each project is unique, and we believe each deserves an individual lighting design. We use our extensive experience, knowledge and creative flair to make every single project as good as it can be.

Have a look at our previous work, or just drop us an email to learn more.