About Elektra Lighting

Elektra Lighting is an award-winning independent lighting design consultancy.

We create lighting solutions for hotels, retail, restaurants, bars, private houses, workplaces, commercial spaces and exhibitions amongst others.

We do not manufacture, sell or install lights. Our income is from design fees alone.

How we work – Full duties

Full duties is normally appropriate for commercial properties such as bars or hotels. We normally work in close cooperation with the interior designers, architects and landscape architects.

Based on the interior or architectural design, we develop a lighting scheme. This scheme enhances and improves the project and is then developed into a full scheme design package, with:

  • CAD drawings
  • Details
  • Specifications / cut sheets and
  • Controls

After scheme design we attend site periodically to review progress and make recommendations, revise and review the drawings in line with site conditions as required, including re-specifying of equipment, attend site at completion to focus lights, program the control systems and provide a defects report.

The above is an edited summary of our full duties which are available on request. Alternatively, if you have specific requirements please do not hesitate to call us and we will provide a tailor-made service to fit your exact needs. We generally charge a fixed fee for these duties, agreed in advance on a per project basis.

How we work – limited scope

If your budget will not stretch to full duties, we can work on a daily rate. More suitable for a private home or smaller project, one or two days will allow us to meet with you, talk through your requirements and suggest appropriate lighting solutions, as well as recommended manufacturers. This is then written into a report for you to implement yourself; alternatively we can develop CAD drawings for installation at the same daily rate.”