June 2022
We’re looking for not 1 but 2 lighting designers to join our practice at Elektra, at junior and at intermediate level.

We are a long-established (22 years) award winning lighting consultancy based in London. With projects all across Europe and the Middle East, our work focusses on Hotels, Retail, Exterior and more.
Since the pandemic we have adopted a hybrid part office / part home working pattern but we would want you to be in full time for the first few weeks at our office in Holborn.
Major perks – you get to work 4 days a week, and yes! Fridays are off, so you get to enjoy long weekends every week. We work a full time 35-hour week (with full pay) spread over Monday to Thursday.
We also have an in-house training programme and team structure to encourage your development.

You should be an enthusiastic, hardworking, creative, and self-motivated individual.
There are two positions: Junior and Intermediate. Just send us your CV and we’ll tell you which one you are.
For complete junior, you are probably a new graduate looking for a first job, with some background in lighting such as a lighting degree or evidence of enthusiasm for lighting – this is essential. Ideally you’d be familiar with relevant software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop, Dialux, InDesign, Office; but we can teach you the ones you don’t know already.

For intermediate you have some experience in lighting design working in a design studio environment on commercial projects. You’d need experience of commercial use in at least some of the software listed above, along with experience in taking projects (as part of a team or solo) through the design process and possibly some site experience too.

For both positions, multiple languages always a bonus (we work across EMEA region)

Note: Just to be completely clear; we are not product designers. We don’t design light fittings, in the same way that architects do not design bricks. We create well-lit architectural spaces using light.

We are committed to equal opportunities so would especially love to hear from you if you are from any sort of minority, even if you don’t think you quite have everything it takes.

You must be a UK citizen or already have a work visa; we cannot get a work visa for you; we are really sorry about that.

Please send your CV and portfolio immediately, marked “Application for lighting designer position” to:

Neil Knowles
Elektra Lighting Design