How we work

Elektra do not have a “house” or standard lighting style. Each project is individual and is approached with care and passion. It is vital that we understand your needs, aims and aspirations. The first phase of a project is to listen. What do you want? Many questions need answering – for example, what is your budget, what is your sustainability criteria?

Based on the individual requirements of this project, we will suggest appropriate lighting solutions. These will be specific to the requirements of your project. We would develop lighting to harmonise with the project’s aspirations, budget and timeline. We will suggest options to explore different avenues, and aim to collaborate with the client and design team to find a solution. These ideas are rendered, presented, discussed and approved by you.

After the initial design, we develop to a full scheme – specification, CAD layouts, details, liaising with manufacturers and all other information required. Sometimes we will develop custom or bespoke fittings for your project and this will involve many hours of discussions with manufacturers. Designs will be coordinated with the architects, landscape consultants, MEP’s team and all the other consultant’s that will be needed on a project of this scope, magnitude and vision. A full detailed pack will be produced which can be tendered and subsequently constructed.

There’s a lot of work to do after the design and we like to stay in close contact with the project. Reviewing fabrication drawings, commenting on alternative solutions, attending site to review and inspect, answering questions from the contractors or architects.
At the end of the project, it’s vital that we attend to focus and commission the lighting – ensure all lights are aimed correctly, and the control system is programmed properly. This ensures your project looks great from day one.